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About Who We Are A Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference

At Eric Michel Ministries International we have a root in Syncretism from the union of a Christian Unitarian Minister and an independent Baptist Minister. 

Nonconforming because we have no affiliation with any Methodist churches in any way and we are episcopal meaning lead by a Bishop and no affiliation with the Episcopal Church or the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Emphasizes the "methods" of the eighteenth-century evangelical reformers John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley. More broadly, it refers to the theological system inferred from the various sermons, theological treatises, letters, journals, diaries, hymns, and other spiritual writings of the Wesley's and their contemporary coadjutors such as John William Fletcher.

Keeping this theological root Eric Michel Ministries International adopted the Traditions and Rituals of the United Methodist in America who was already in usage under the Christian Unitarian-Baptist Chaplaincy and after our partnership with the African United Methodist of Malawi in 2017.

Nonconforming with any Methodist movements, EMMI, added the theology of Universal Christ from the Catholic promoters Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Ilia Delio, Richard Rohr and Robert J. Spitzer plus the complement of Dr. Hugh Ross "Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ" and his Bible Creation.


Les Ministères ERIC MICHEL Ministries International is an interdenominational chaplaincy based in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2012 in the Province of Quebec, it has a majority of French and English members and followers.

Incorporated at Industry Canada on the 2014.07.14 under the number 895170-5 as a Non-Profit Religious Organisation Chaplaincy.

The purposes for Eric Michel Ministries International are to promote the Christian faith; to educate its members, congregants and the public about Christian values, history and religious tradition; to develop Christian educational, theological, spiritual and inspirational material for the benefit of its members, congregations and the general public; to promote charitable acts and causes; to foster fellowship and goodwill among its members, congregants and the public; to promote reason in religion, religious tolerance and freedom of conscience; to promote the moral, ethical and responsible exercise of free will; to promote a free society.

One branch of the chaplaincy is to reach the truckers with the Gospel Message in a setting where he/she is familiar on and off-road with and through the Chaplaincy

EMMI Chaplaincy is a complete volunteer ministry to the Truckers and Travelers of Eastern Canada. This non-profit ministry relies on the Lord and His people to direct the Gospel Message through our Chaplains.

General Information
Started in 2010 by Founder Eric Michel, this mission to truckers is supported by those who desire to provide an opportunity for salvation by belief in Christ. Founding date Ministries 1978 and the Chaplaincy in 2010


    Les Ministères Eric Michel International
    C.P. 3066 Brownsburg, QC. Canada J8G 1A0

Member of the IFCC # 3453



  • How long we need to reserve before a wedding? The Government request four (4) months' notice.
  • Where can we be married by EMMI? At the present time only in Quebec region of Gatineau and Chatam-Brownsburg  
  • Where can we be married? The government is very strict on the location, it needs a civic address and the place have to be appropriate for the occasion. The ceremony must be held in a place that is open to the public, before an authorized officiant and in the presence of two witnesses. The ceremony solemnized by an officiant may be held in any place chosen by the intended spouses, provided that the place is in keeping with the solemn nature of the ceremony and has a suitable layout. It is particularly important to note that the location decided on for a marriage celebrated by an officiant appointed by the Minister of Justice cannot be changed since it is specified in the officiant's instrument of designation. The ceremony must necessarily take place in the judicial district indicated.
  • What is the time for a celebration? It must be solemnized between 9:00 and 22:00 and they may be solemnized on any day.
  • How it is with the Bans? It must be posted for 20 days before the date of the ceremony, at the place where the ceremony is to be held and at the courthouse nearest to that place.
  • How to get our Marriage Certificate? All documents required must be filed with the clerk of the Superior Court in the judicial district where the ceremony took place. For that reason, you need to request it from the Government.
  • How much do you charge for a celebration? No two ceremonies are the same because each one is composed to reflect the unique character and personalities of the marriage partners. Our ceremony is imbued with meaning by the people who are participants whether the couple or their friends, family and guests.   Above all, our wedding is a celebration of the human spirit and the human capacity to form a conscious relationship with particular individuals. It has so much variant please contact us for more information.

Please contact us at for more information.

French / Francais
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  1. Combien de temps faut-il réserver avant un mariage? Le gouvernement demande un préavis de quatre (4) mois.
  2. Dans quelle ville on peut être mariés par EMMI? À l'heure actuelle seulement dans la région de Gatineau au Québec et Chatam-Brownsburg
  3. Où peut-on se marier? Le gouvernement est très strict sur l'emplacement, il a besoin d'une adresse civique et l'endroit doit être approprié pour l'occasion. La cérémonie doit avoir lieu dans un lieu ouvert au public, devant un officiant autorisé et en présence de deux témoins. La cérémonie célébrée par un célébrant peut avoir lieu dans tout lieu choisi par les futurs époux, à condition que le lieu soit conforme à la nature solennelle de la cérémonie et ait une disposition appropriée. Il est particulièrement important de noter que le lieu décidé pour un mariage célébré par un célébrant nommé par le ministre de la Justice ne peut pas être modifié car il est spécifié dans l'acte de désignation du célébrant. La cérémonie doit obligatoirement avoir lieu dans le district judiciaire indiqué.
  4. Quel heure piur la celebration? Il doit être célébré entre 9h00 et 22h00 et ils peuvent être célébrés n'importe quel jour.
  5. Comment ça se passe avec les bans? Il doit être affiché pendant 20 jours avant la date de la cérémonie, à l'endroit où la cérémonie doit avoir lieu et au palais de justice le plus proche de cet endroit.
  6. Comment obtenir notre certificat de mariage? Tous les documents requis doivent être déposés auprès du greffier de la Cour supérieure du district judiciaire où a eu lieu la cérémonie. Pour cette raison, vous devez en faire la demande au gouvernement.
  7. Combien facturez-vous pour une célébration? Il n'y a pas deux cérémonies identiques car chacune est composée pour refléter le caractère et les personnalités uniques des partenaires de mariage. Notre cérémonie est empreinte de sens par les personnes qui y participent que ce soit le couple ou leurs amis, leur famille et leurs invités. Surtout, notre mariage est une célébration de l'esprit humain et de la capacité humaine à former une relation consciente avec des individus particuliers. Il a tellement de variantes, veuillez nous contacter pour plus d'informations.
Veuillez nous contacter pour plus d'informations.

Eric Michel Ministries International
Att: Rev. Eric Gagnon
78 George St, Suite 204, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5W1
Phone: 613-777-4650